I shouldn’t be spending money, but I can’t get enough of NYX Lingerie Collection— the lipstick dries quickly and most importantly it lasts all day! I originally went to CVS get thIMG_6820e Mauve lip liner because of a Youtube video I came across earlier today, but just my luck the last one was opened. I’m so annoyed. The lip liners cost $3.59– I think, but now I have to buy it later. However, today was the last day of the sale, so I decided to grab two other lip liners. I couldn’t just leave the store. The two lip liner’s I purchased are SPL 886 (Sand Pink) and SPL 854 (Pale Pink). As for the other lippies, I got Ruffle Trim and my all time favorite Embellishment. Embellishment looks so good on my brown skin. I can’t wait to wear it! I hope next time the matte lipsticks are on sale so I can try those out.



Posted by:brie

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