My biggest regrets in life come from the times that I decided to listen to my mom. It is safe to say that I’m no longer listening to my mom. First, the big chop and secondly, my car. I’ve spent five thousand dollars of my OWN money on a car that I did not want. My mom kept telling me that I needed a car and that I have to buy a car. It’s the smart thing to do. She just wouldn’t let up about me buying a damn car. While looking for a car I couldn’t find one that I wanted and gave up, so she took it upon herself to find me one. She did and the very next day my mom and stepdad took me to purchase the car. I didn’t even drive the car home my stepdad did. All he did was he talk about how it’s a good car and so on, but I never wanted the car–a car in general. Just my luck, several months later I got into a car accident a few months after actually driving the car. The car sat in the driveway for a year or so before I decided to drive it. I didn’t want to buy a car because I didn’t feel comfortable driving and everything was convenient for at the time and I didn’t NEED a car. Driving is scary. Although I did manage to get my license. However, I’m more afraid of everyone else on the road more than actually driving. Like you have to literally drive for everyone else while your driving–it’s insane. So, I basically wasted five thousand dollars.

Posted by:brie

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