I was raped when I was in high school by a friend of a friend. I went with a friend to her friend house were I forced to have sex with someone I didn’t want to. I never pressed charges because it was my fault–I gave up, I stopped fighting. I figured since I’ve been raped several times as a child this wasn’t nothing I haven’t experience before. The only difference is that it was someone my age. I just went on with my life like nothing happen until my body started feeling strange. It became uncomfortable for me to lay on my stomach, so I ask my mom if she could take me to the doctor, but she refused. I had to beg my own mother to take me to the doctor and that’s when I found out I was pregnant. Almost three months at that. Imagine if she would have never taken me to the doctor. Being sixteen and stupid there was a time when my step-sister told me how she missed two of her periods, but she was never pregnant. So at the time, me being pregnant never crossed my mind. After we found out I was pregnant I told my mom what happen and of course, she showed no empathy. All she said was that I was getting an abortion which is fine, but damn. I was scared because this was new to me. I’ve never gotten an abortion before. It happened a long time ago, but it’s something I don’t want to ever have to experience again.

Posted by:brie

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